20BTC Bounty for the capture of extortionist


Bounty for full and proven identity of extortionist


On the evening of Sunday, Nov 1st in Tokyo Japan, someone using the ID of "SRT8 Spaso", Skype ID "kfhgfbvdfgbvcxfgbvgfffdvsc" contacted Rover Ver and demanded 20 BTC, or he would send the swat team to Roger's mother's house, and poison her food with crack.

Roger Ver takes these sorts of potential death threats very seriously, so instead of paying the 20BTC ransom, Roger has placed a 20 BTC bounty for the capture of the perpetrator.

Here is a video of the second half of Roger's interaction with the extortionist.


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BTC Address: 17dofBpHMnFJuxuBMyj1poUKvDKddDYaXh